Wine Bottle Cutting 30 seconds ~ Perfect Edge

Thursday, January 3, 2013

good morning my darlings ♥  so, I am all about the {three Rs} reduce. recycle. reuse - - and the one thing that got me down about recycling in my small town is G L A S S ... nowhere to recycle it.  So I decided to reUSE it.

I have countess A T L A S mason jars with goodies in around the house, we even use them to drink from - BTW super cute dressed all up in garnish & paper straws.  ~But then it comes to the wine bottles {and wine cooler/beer} ....I have wanted to make some candles for a while now && what better vessels than WINE bottles ♥

We have all seen the oodles of ways to cut glass bottles, but frankly starting a rope on fire kinda had me a little freaked out - lol. So on my journey through the {world wide web} I stumbled onto this beauty ... I have not tried it YET - but it is in the plans - very soon!   How about you?!

Have a fab day lovelies ~ you are in control of making it G R E A T ♥

2013 | be the I N S P I R A T I O N

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello Lovelies ♥

W E L C O M E to our blog :: if you are a new lovely to {+LuLu Belle Designs} you are probably wondering what we do!?  ... we create :: crochet is our forte && then it is on to our passion - love, love, love taking old and making it useful, beautiful & LuLu Belle ♥ :: side note :: I always say "we" but I mean :: me... in conjunction with my precious little girl {LuLu B} - for those of you parents with little ones, you know how helpful they can be, hehe.

I wanted to start this blog to have yet another form of interacting with YOU, maybe even be your {I N S P I R A T I O N} ...I hope to {spread the love} with our projects and occasional bits of knowledge! ... ideas?!  Yes, PLEASE.

I can see so many things for the future of our little blog.  As always, we love when you help {spread the love} but the other part I can not wait for is to hear from y'all!  Feel free to leave comments, questions or contact us anytime {xoxo}♥ kayla
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